Lending Policy

Patron Loan limits

Adult (A) 28 days
Faculty (F) 90 days
High School Student 14 days
Middle School Student 14 days
Elementary School 7 days
Non-school Child 28 days

Patrons may check out 8 items at any one time. Children under school age must use their parent’s or guardian’s card. School children must be within the maximum allowed by the school, but may check out up to 4 books on their parent’s cards. Names of children checking out on a parent’s card must be listed on the parent’s patron screen and application card. Renewals may be made by phone (267-3823), or by e-mail at library@cck12.net.

Materials Loan Limits

Regular loan (24 days) Fiction, Nonfiction, Juvenile fiction, Easy Readers and Easy picture books
20-day loan Interlibrary loan
7-day  loan New fiction, Videos (for patrons over 18), CD’s, DVD’s, Audio Cassettes, Magazines, Multi-media, In-demand items
Overnight Equipment (non-school use)
Noncirculating Newspapers, Reference materials (tagged), Microforms, Computer software and other items tagged “Do not check out”

Extended loan periods may be granted for special circumstances to patrons in good standing. Renewals may be phoned in by providing the patron number or name and titles or numbers of books to be renewed (267-3823), or by e-mail at library@cck12.net.


Patrons may request a hold at the desk or place one from the OPAC computers or by using the web site at www.cck12.net and click on the library link. Holds will expire on the date indicated on the computer. When notified, the desk will place the book on the hold shelf for up to 4 business days.


  • Videos (for patrons over 18), audio tapes and audio books, CD’s DVD’s & multimedia ($5.00 max) — $.50
  • Fiction, nonfiction, biography, paperbacks — $.10
  • Interlibrary loan late fees — as charged by sender
  • Lost items — cost of the item plus $5.00 (Refunds will be made up to 6 months from the date of receipt.)
  • Damaged items — cost of the repair plus staff time

A 7-day grace period is given on all books except interlibrary loan.