Meeting Rooms

Room scheduling procedure for non-school use requests during or outside of regular operating hours:

The meeting room is scheduled by library personnel on duty at the time of the request on a first-come, first-served basis. The computer lab is not available for public use during school time unless okayed by Library Director or Principal.

  • Ask the applicant to fill out the application completely.
  • Check the calendar for the time and date requested and record the name of the organization and time on the proper date.  If there are any conflicts, the library and school have first priority on scheduling.
  • If the request is for outside normal operating hours, refer the applicant to the Library director or building administrator.  Advise them that charges may apply for this type of request (because of paying for a custodian or other employee to be present).
  • File the request in the completed meeting room request file.
  • Sign off as evaluated and cleared by____ when the room is vacated.  If there is a problem, note it on the sheet before archiving.
  • This file needs to have outdated requests weeded and archived periodically.  Archive is kept in file marked Past Meeting Room usage and archived with each year’s files.
  • Be familiar with the meeting room usage (policy is stapled to application) concerning for-profit and religious groups.

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