Policy for Acceptable Use of the Internet

The internet has vast potential to support learning, communication and research.  Because of these benefits, the Library Board of Trustees (Town of Ordway) and the Crowley County School Board, believe the educational information and opportunities available on this world wide network outweigh the possibility that users may encounter material not consistent with the goals of the School District or the Combined Community Library.  The internet is a fluid environment in which information available to the user is constantly changing.  It is impossible to predict with certainty what information students might locate and thus this information does not imply endorsement by the District or Town, nor do the District and Town in any way guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information.

Every effort will be made by the Combined Community Library to see that the internet is used responsibly by its patrons.  However, it is the responsibility of parents or guardians of minors to assist their children in developing the intellectual skills needed to discriminate among information sources, to identify information appropriate to their age and developmental levels and to evaluate and use information to meet their needs.  A filtering service is provided by the Combined Community Library.  The filter may be disabled upon the request of an adult user or the person who has signed as parent/guardian in the case of a minor.

Use of the internet demands personal responsibility and an understanding of the acceptable use procedures for the internet.  Illegal or unethical use of the internet and illegal or unauthorized use of the network are prohibited.  All users will abide by the current internet use procedures.  Users will follow acceptable network etiquette by not writing or sending abusive messages, using inappropriate language, downloading large files that tie up the computer, or accessing pornographic sites.  All downloads, cookies or temporary files added to the system will be deleted each evening.  If you need to save files, please bring your own storage.  Failure to follow the internet use procedures will result in the loss of the privilege to use the internet at this facility.  If you have a current “Policy for Student Use of the Internet” on file at Crowley County School District, you do not need to sign this form.